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Commercial Work

eBay - TMNT: Sheroes in a Half Shell
Defeating Shredder and the Foot Clan is a lot of fun with these retro toys from eBay.

Welch's - Share the Sweetness 
Welch's Fruit Snacks are a classic that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Dramatic Work

Destiny or Choice
After overhearing a conversation, Marcus has a big decision to make. Does God or the Universe have a plan for us?

The Run In
Brook plans the perfect setup to catch the attention of a former boyfriend.

The Divide Between Love & Breath
After the murder of his wife and daughter, a former cop loses all hope.

Through an innocent icebreaker game, two women find themselves sharing vulnerable feelings on their first date. 

Things That Happen at Night
While building a bicycle for their son's birthday, an overwhelming sense of suffocation threatens a young couples marriage. 


In this action-packed short film. Agent Kiera Bentley must struggle with emotional attachment and assassination. 

Moonshine Marley
Marley's new batch of moonshine mixed with a bad decision leads to a shootout with the Law.

The Inferno Crisis
Crazy Max fights to keep his sanity and stay alive.


Comedic Work

Marry Me 
Two brides on their way down the aisle get a little more than they bargained for when their inVESTment in each other falls apart quicker than they can say "I do!"

Opposites Don't Attract 
Zoey is just a little too eager to help her Boss in this zany sitcom scene.

Ruby & Edna's Cocktail Hour
What do you get when you cross "The Golden Girls" with "The View"? You get Ruby and Edna's hilarious cocktail hour. 

Out of your Mime
Things get a little out of hand when three friends have a bizarre run in with a group of angry Mimes.

Biker Babes
Try to follow along in this hillariously random adventure. 


Unscripted Work

SILVA Series
Jessica, who is living with Cerebral Palsy, teaches us how to safely make delicious Avocado Cilantro Lime Sauce.

Words, Wine and Women
Learn about fashion, art and wine as our favorite ladies discuss today's topics over red wines Verasce Nero d'Avola and Valentino Merlot from vineyard Feudi del Pisciotto.

How I Made it in America
Learn how to become a successful stock trader in this episode from Julia Jolie's engaging series where she interviews people who exemplify the American Dream.

The Beast - Music Video
Written and performed by the band Lash, this music video visually portrays the painful struggle of drug addiction and battling the beast within. 

Jennifer Messina 
Promo video for Singer/Songwriter Jennifer Messina.

Share Hope USA 
Share Hope USA is an organization founded by 9 year old Symond Boschetto who just wants to help feed and support the homeless in this touching documentary.

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