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Laura Jean Bransky - Showreel
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About LJ

Hi! I'm Laura Jean!

I'm a Los Angeles based filmmaker with over fifteen years of professional experience in the industry and invaluable resources at my disposal. 

I use open and honest communication, my keen ingenuity, and my deep understanding of the actor’s process to shape captivating and authentic performances.


Thank you for checking out my site, and I look forward to hearing all about your next project!

Featured Work

TMNT: Sheroes in a Half Shell
Share the Sweetness
Marry Me
Destiny or Choice
Share Hope USA
Ruby & Edna's Cocktail Hour
College Freshman
The Beast - Music Video

My Skills

I'm hardworking, attentive to detail, and great at capturing honest performances. I bring out the best in children and newer actors, and I never shy away from creative challenges.

I'm a resourceful and innovative problem-solver, and I thrive under pressure and in large group settings.

My Style

My visual style is intimate yet dynamic, often characterized by shallow depth of field, strong backlight, authenticity of movement, and layered compositions.


Raised in a tiny town outside of Joshua Tree, my desert roots are felt in the bold way I use bright light, the warmth of my color choices, and the mindfulness of my storytelling.

My Work

I'm passionate about crafting strong female narratives and am especially drawn to period pieces, family films, action/adventure, science fiction, and any story that offers unique insight into the human condition. 

I love the collaborative nature of this industry, and I always put my whole heart into every project.


Let's Work Together

I'd love to hear about your next project! Contact me below

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